Just trying to figure it all out. Live, laugh, love. Carpe Diem.




For @zombREEDUS: Video made by  and  for her to help her deal with some of the bills. A charity auction on Ebay and HERE with  . If you want to help her directly, her paypal is beatlesbabe88@yahoo.com 

Please reblog because every cent counts! Much Love Britt! You are so loved!

Yet another reason why I love this fandom. Reedus, Clark and Rooker…who’s hearts are truly with their fans. Taking time out of their day to do this. Norman your heart is incredible. ♥

Sean needs to be be loved especially hard for sorting all this out. What a great guy. What a great bunch of humans they all are. 

God, I love TWD fandom!




This little kid dancing at a Pacers game is my spirit animal.

I absolutely LOVE THIS

One more time bc i can seriously watch this all day.